Understanding Your DNA Can Keep You Healthy In These Infectious Times

How understanding your DNA can best help your health and keep you fit as we face the unprecedented test in the global Covid-19 healthcare catastrophe?

2020: The Best Nude Beaches In The World

Some of you may argue that there’s a problem with nude beaches – you don’t choose who takes off their clothes and who does not. But this is taken away by the simple fact that nude beaches have the best advantage – nude people.

Kim Kardashian’s 4H Lifestyle – If You Are Happy, Hungry, Horni – You Are Hot & Healthy

It’s a simple theory of life if you’re happy, hungry and horni it automatically means you’re healthy. The 4H’s are based on overall wellness, to live a happier and balanced life. Kim Kardashian is an ultimate example of balancing all…

Why Do Men Find Reverse Cowgirl Sex ‘Fant-Ass-Tic’

We all seem to know the crazy things about the reverse cowgirl position but don’t know the pros and cons? Have you heard nothing but stories?

20 People Shared Their Wildest Group Sex Fantasies

More than 60% of people have fantasized about group sex in one way or the other. Find out what are soe of the wildest group sex fantasies

I Masturbated In A Group Of 20 Women And It Changed My Orgasm Game Forever

What is Group Masturbation? What are the benefits of Group Masturbation? Here I share my story of when I masturbated with 20 women !

Bizarre Misconceptions Women have about Penis

For most women out there male penises are just like unicorns. No, we don’t mean that both the hairy things are similar in any manner. But both remain a mystery to females. We hardly know how they both behave, lives…

Hollywood Celebrities Setting Internet On Fire With Hot Bikinis

This summer’s been hot but celebrities are getting hotter! they know just how to style their beautiful physiques to jaw-dropping bikinis. Be it Designer wear to self owner brands we’ve seen them rock all and we strongly believe in that…

Lady GAGA’s Crazy Airport Looks (Bold and Daring)

Well, let’s go Gaga for real! When it comes to music, Lady Gaga never misses to pop us up and when it comes to fashion, the more vibrant the better! She is known as the music industry’s biggest extrovert and…

Myths About Female Ohh-gasm You Need To Debunk

Even if you’re a pro at reaching climax, you still might have some questions about female ohh-gasm. Today we’re debunking 8 of the most common sex myths to set the record straight!

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