The Fab Five Are Back With Queer Eye Season 5: Release Date Confirmation

LGBTQ+ content are experiencing an all-new high, thanks to streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Netflix original series Queer Eye has been renewed for the fourth and the fifth season. Meanwhile, the first three seasons of Queer Eye have received…

Wendy Williams Apologises For Making Fun Of Gay Men Wearing Heels

Wendy Williams who recently said that gay men should ‘stop wearing our skirts and our heels’, apologised saying she “did not realise…”

Trans Rights, Affordable Education, and Hindutva: Citizens Denounce BJP at Delhi’s Queer Pride Parade

From rejecting the Transgender Bill to showing solidarity with other mainstream issues like Kashmir, Ayodhya, and Right to Affordable Education, the citizens were united in showing their anger against the BJP government’s recent policies at the 2019 Queer Pride Parade in Delhi.

If Brie Larson up for some Le*bian Action in Captain Marvel 2

Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly coming out of the closet. We are decoding if Brie Larson will have a girlfriend in Captain Marvel 2 or not

Neither ‘gay gene’ nor ‘straight gene’: Human sexuality is a complex web

The notion of a ‘gay gene’ has been challenged by a massive research and it has been found that…Sex genes are baseless…

Gay penguin couple expresses joy after adopting an egg

After practicing parenting on rocks and some pieces of fish, a gay penguin couple has finally adopted an egg.

Hollywood celebs you didn’t know were pansexuals

Having your birth-sex define your sexuality was a thing of the past. (Probably before big bang because humans have been effing up everything and everyone since their origin)

Watch how the stars celebrated NYC Pride 2019

New York City Pride March is an event celebrating the LGBTQ community, it is one of the largest annual Pride marches in the world, attracting tens

Taylor Swift unites with Katy Perry in her new video song

Hollywood singer Taylor Swift finally released a pro-LGBTQ song “You Need to Calm Down” and gave a surprise performance

LGBTQ stereotypes you need to stop believing

It’s not your fault (Or maybe it is a little) but stereotyping rainbow people is a sin you better not commit. (Or else….we will educate you politely. Duh! We are awesome that way) If we get a dollar for every…