RISE: Asia’s Biggest LGBT+ Conference & Job Fair Goes Virtual

Over 1000 LGBT+ candidates apply for jobs at ‘safe and inclusive’ workplaces Pride Circle is set to host the 3rd edition of Asia’s biggest LGBT+ Conference & Job Fair – Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity (RISE) in May 2021. The…

The Fab Five Are Back With Queer Eye Season 5: Release Date Confirmation

LGBTQ+ content are experiencing an all-new high, thanks to streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Netflix original series Queer Eye has been renewed for the fourth and the fifth season. Meanwhile, the first three seasons of Queer Eye have received…

Wendy Williams Apologises For Making Fun Of Gay Men Wearing Heels

Wendy Williams who recently said that gay men should ‘stop wearing our skirts and our heels’, apologised saying she “did not realise…”

If Brie Larson up for some Le*bian Action in Captain Marvel 2

Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly coming out of the closet. We are decoding if Brie Larson will have a girlfriend in Captain Marvel 2 or not

Neither ‘gay gene’ nor ‘straight gene’: Human sexuality is a complex web

The notion of a ‘gay gene’ has been challenged by a massive research and it has been found that…Sex genes are baseless…

Hollywood celebs you didn’t know were pansexuals

Having your birth-sex define your sexuality was a thing of the past. (Probably before big bang because humans have been effing up everything and everyone since their origin)

This college student champions the rights of the LGBT Community

With a mission to create gender inclusive spaces, Sharanya sensitisaRuia started workshops in several corporate and retail establishments across the country.

Brazil criminalises anti-LGBT discrimination

Brazil’s Supreme Court has criminalised discrimination and hateful acts against gays and transgenders.

Indian corporate culture opening up for LGBT community

LGBT community getting more acceptance in Indian workplaces claims TImesJobs survey. Media and entertainment the most LGBT friendly industry.

Martina Navratiolva removed from ambassadorship following her comments towards transgender athletes

Tennis veteran Martina Navratilova has been removed as an ambassador by Athlete Ally, the organisation that supports LGBT athletes, following her controversial comments on transgender sports persons. In an official statement released on the website of the company, the organisation…