Penny’s Child And Shammy Marriage To Be The Focus Of The Big Bang Theory Season 13

Despite a year since its end, fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ wish they would have seen the characters grow into their relationships.

The News Of Penny’s Pregnancy May Lead To Newer Seasons Of The Big Bang Theory

Now that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has ended with a bang, Penny and Leonard are ready for a new journey. Could it be reason enough to cook up a reboot for ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Estranged Geek Couple Amy And Sheldon May Be The Reason Behind The Return Of The Big Bang Theory Gang

Last we had heard, Sheldon and Amy accepted their Nobel Prize with an emotional send-off to The Big Bang Theory universe. In a possible reboot, the nerd gang may reunite to resolve marital issues between Sheldon and Amy.

The Abrupt Announcement Of Penny’s Pregnancy In Big Bang Theory: How And Why Did The Show Make This Choice?

If there’s any plotline in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that makes us want to rip our hair out, it’s the writers’ decision to make Penny pregnant

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Trouble in paradise! Kaley Cuoco might not be coming back for season 13 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because of her romantic history with a reel life partner, Johnny Galecki.

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