Leadership Has 4 New Rules As The World Depends On CEOs In 2021

The old playbook doesn’t cut it anymore, ever since governments and corporations were flummoxed by the unpredictable nature of Covid-19.

5 Phrases That Effective Leaders Use To Inspire Action

Great companies like Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and JP Morgan are built on the shoulders of legendary leaders who know what to say and what to omit.

The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Know How To Outshine Crises

To succeed in a future where the next crisis is always looming large, leaders must accept change as a constant.

DKODING ‘Modern Chanakya’ of India’s Political Battlefield

Leader of the masses, popular youth icon and a master strategist! With political acumen matching that of a historical legend, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma is Congress’ biggest loss and BJP’s biggest gain. What brings downfall of dynasties? Disregarding Genius. Publicly…

Planning for CRM Success

by Sourav Chatterjee__ Are you buying and implementing a CRM solution for the first time? Do understand that a CRM System will be as capable as the CRM strategy designed and implemented correctly and it is not about Technology. If…

The ultimate Growth Strategy. Does the Animal really exist?

Growth is the holy grail of business. It’s perhaps the most undeniable proof that your business is alive and kicking. Not surprisingly, it’s what the business leadership is perpetually fascinated with (and often loses sleep over). Library racks spill with…

Cross the line. Sometimes, our way is the highway.

People who do, live on the edge. The edge is about clarity. Yes, it’s about a very special set of coordinates where we have an uninterrupted view of the horizon. An umpire’s neutral vision of either flank. One that gives…