Joe Biden’s Inauguration: How Lady Gaga Killed It While JLo Bombed

Be it style, impact or the grace on Biden’s inauguration day Lady Gaga really stood out.

Lady Gaga Wins ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Award 2020

Gaga has broken barriers that define beauty, conventional appearance putting her in the league of Timeless Icons of People Who Inspire (PWI) Awards 2020

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020 — Timeless Icons

A League of 6 Extraordinary Women — Each worthy of a Crown. Each inspiring Millions to dream bigger: The PWI League of Timeless Icons.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020

20 women who didn’t conform to stereotypes, and in doing so, inspired millions like them to live a life by their own example — PWI Most Beautiful Women in the World 2020.

A Witcher Threatened Lady Gaga – She Seeks Help From 911

Can you believe Lady Gaga appeared alongside a Witcher recently, and none of us noticed it – all thanks to ‘911’ we have witnessed everything in life now. Deep down in our guts, we all knew it – we knew…

Gotta Love The Sight Of 13 Celebrities In ‘Not So See Through’ Hottest Yoga Pants

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Why Lady Gaga Didn’t Play Donatella Versace On American Crime Story?

Despite the reporting of many prestigious tabloids, Gaga didn’t play Donatella Versace on ‘American Crime Story’. What was the reason behind it? Let’s find out. After winning the prestigious Golden Globe for Best Actress in a limited series for portraying…

RuPaul’s Drag Race: 10 Most Iconic Celebrities Who Were Judges On The Show

The Emmy award-winning show has invited more than 100 famous actors, pop-stars, designers, and comedians to judge the contestants thus far. When it comes to judging queens on the basis of their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, RuPaul knows how…

After Jonathan Majors Harry Styles And Lady Gaga To Take Up Marvel Superhero Mantle

Marvel casting rumour mills are running exceptionally high since the weekend with names like Lady Gaga and Harry Styles doing the round

5 Celebrity Nude Leaks That Preceded Chris Evans’ Nudathon

While this is a Freudian Slip of sorts for the phallus-obsessed Chris Evans, he is clearly not the first celebrity to have faced such an embarrassment. Prior to this, several A-listed celebrities, like Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom and even John Legend, have faced the same conundrum.