Here’s When Better Call Saul Starts Shooting For The Final Season

A prequel and spin-off to Vince Gilligan’s American drama series ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Better Call Saul’ has been renewed for one last season. Here’s when the shooting for this last season will begin. The show revolves around the events in Saul…

Better Call Saul’s Giancarlo Esposito Has An Idea For Breaking Bad Spinoff On Gus Fring

In a recent interview actor Giancarlo Esposito has revealed that he has an idea for a Better Call Saul spin-off, and it sounds brilliant! After 5 seasons of widespread success of AMC’s crime drama Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan and Peter…

Why Is Kim Not In Breaking Bad?

What is the reason behind Kim Wexler not being in ‘Breaking Bad’? Is it because her character is being written to meet its end in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6?

Kim Wexler Isn’t The Angel In Better Call Saul – Warns Bob Odenkirk

“Now the mystery is – who is Kim?” Bob Odenkirk mystifies the true identity of Kim Wexler to be revealed in the Better Call Saul Season 6.

Bob Odenkirk Discards The Theory Suggesting Kim Wexler Faked Chuck’s Letter In Better Call Saul

Have you ever thought about the possibility that the letter Jimmy thought was from Chuck in Better Call Saul might have been written by Kim Wexler? This indeed seems farfetched, but one theory suggests that the letter addressed to Jimmy…

Vince Gilligan Is Sure That The Better Call Saul Finale Will Finally Make You Forget Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan has promised a better finale than ‘Breaking Bad’ for ‘Better Call Saul’. Is it even possible?

If Breaking Bad Was About Bad Boys, Better Call Saul Is About The Badass Woman, Kim Wexler!

Whereas ‘Breaking Bad’ is a show full of anti-heroes, ‘Better Call Saul’ is nothing without the illicit Kim Wexler, a character that was

Vince Gilligan Guarantees Better Call Saul Season 6 Finale Will Make You Forget Breaking Bad

As Better Call Saul comes to an end with Season 6, things are only going to get more epic for Kim and Jimmy. If you thought Breaking Bad was the best of Television, Vince Gilligan promises this is better.  Better…

Better Call Saul’s Kim Wexler Is Better Than Walter White

Kim Wexler and Walter from the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are two of the most intriguing characters in television

Kim Will Become A Criminal And Then Die In Better Call Saul Season 6

Kim Wexler made a choice at the end of Season 5, and now she’ll have to pay for it. But the question is, how? What will happen to Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul Season 6? In the final episode…