Keanu Reeves Meets Angelina Jolie – Latest Update On Marvel’s The Eternals

The Eternals​ makes for probably the most mysterious project of Marvel Studios. It has been in the pipeline for some time and with it being

Keanu Reeves Should Have Waited For John Wick 4 Release Before Filming Matrix 4

As Keanu Reeves gears up to reprise his roles as John Wick and Neo in Matrix, there are reports that it might be the last time that Reeves dons on these iconic characters. Nothing is ever truly over in Hollywood.…

Moon Knight Lures Keanu Reeves Into The MCU

Adapting Marvel’s Moon Knight to the big screen involves finding the right actor capable of blending finesse, style, ruthlessness who else to play the part other than Keanu Reeves

Marvel Surprise Exposed! Millie Bobby Brown Casted For MCU’s Eternals

Shedding all the lies and rumours, it is now crystal clear that Millie Bobby Brown is in the Marvel’s secret cast for its upcoming movie Eternals. Stranger Things famed Millie Bobby Brown could no longer hide the Marvel surprise that…

Even Keanu Reeves Cannot Save John Wick From This Defeat

Wondering if this is ever going to get better? Well, just to shrug the last of your hopes, even John Wick has given up this time. John Wick, the lone wolf, the one who shook the entire country to avenge…

Matrix 4 Will Not See Any Delay As Keanu Reeves’s Film Starts Production In July

Matrix 4 starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss will commence its production by early July and the release date will see no delay. Things have not been going well for the Film Industry. And saying that is only an understatement.…

Millennial God Or Gen X Hero? ⁠— Two Generations At War To Claim Keanu Reeves

His massive talent laced with an ability to not age has left two very different generations amidst the war of the century!

Russo Brothers Pick John Wick As Thor’s Next Target

The Avengers Endgame and Infinity War director Russo Brothers tweets Thor vs John Wick and fans are choosing John Wick over Thor from MCU. There was no reason for us to ever think that John Wick will ever go against…

First Brie-Virus, Now Keanu-Virus Infects Movie Buffs

While Brie-virus is Brie Larson’s infectious goodness coming to Captain Marvel, John Wick’s virus is an actual virus which can be found it’s PC game. The world is closed down, people are isolated in their homes and a deadly virus…

Lockdown Is Unlocking New Hollywood Lookalikes: After Keanu Reeves, There Is A New Jenny On The Block

After Keanu Reeves’ doppelganger Marcos Jeeves, there’s a brand new doppelganger of none other than Jennifer Lopez. Scroll down to see!

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