5 Takeaways From The Mike Pence-Kamala Harris Vice Presidential Debate

5 takeaways from a Vice-Presidential debate that featured a civil tone, evasive answers and a meme-worthy fly.

Vice Presidential Debate Highlights — Underwhelming And Unimpressive

Not as bad as the presidential debate 2020 but certainly not very impressive either.  Usually a sideshow, Vice Presidential debate enjoyed its unaccustomed stardom in 2020 after the episode of events. After a chaotic first presidential debate, moderator Susan Page…

US Vice Presidential Debate 2020: In Harris’ Ring Of Fire, The Charming Pence Faces His Ultimate Test

The Vice Presidential Debate 2020, between incumbent Mike Pence and challenger Kamala Harris, is touted as the most significant in American electoral history.

Trump’s Make America Great Again — The Worst Presidential Promise In American History

With Donald Trump came the vision with the slogan ‘make America great again’ where he neither explained ‘great’ nor ‘again’ to the citizens

The State Of The United States Presidential Election — 6 Key Takeaways

Two months out from the election, the Republicans and Democrats are both pitching dark visions of an irreparably damaged nation if the other side prevails.

The Political Becomes Personal — Barack Obama Enters The Fray On Joe Biden’s Behalf

From casting aspersions over the country of his birth to accusing Obama of wiretapping his phone, Trump would have certainly made a sworn enemy out of the 59-year-old, former president. With the 2020 US election around the corner, Mr Obama would be looking to get even by mentoring his former cabinet colleague, Joe Biden.

Why Kamala Harris Doesn’t Guarantee The Indian-American Vote For Democrats

The Indian diaspora in the U.S. has traditionally supported the Democratic Party, but the last three and a half years have witnessed a perceptible shift in this regard. As the winds of hardline Hindu nationalism blow across India, it’s hard to say that Indians living in the United States have remained unaffected.

The ‘Kamala Harris Effect’ On Joe Biden’s India Policy — What Experts Expect

Indians couldn’t contain their glee when Kamala Harris was nominated as the Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate alongside Joe Biden. Harris has Indian-Jamaican roots, and is the first woman of Indian-origin to be a nominee for the office of Vice-President. But it doesn’t end there; the Joe Biden Presidential package seems to have a lot more to offer India.

Can Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Defeat Donald Trump? Yes and No.

Despite the odds being stacked in favour of Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris it may be premature to rule out a win for Trump.

Kamala Harris May Not Be The Ideal Vice President But She Definitely Suits Joe Biden

Despite Kamala Harris’ depth of experience and personal charisma, there are several reasons why she may not be the best choice for vice president. But choosing her may be the best bet for Joe Biden.