Is Kamala Harris White House’s Political Disaster?

Half a year down the vice presidency, Kamala Harris is coming out nothing better than Trump. It has been 6 months since Kamala Harris wrote a new, long-pending chapter in the history of the United States. The country began with…

Biden’s Progressive Jobs Plan Has A Dash Of Trumpism

Biden in his first address to the Congress iterates his American Jobs Plan for infrastructure development and job creation. Reaffirms his ambition to tax the wealthy Americans by the impending Tax Reforms.

Meghan And Harry Are Building Up Into Future Democrat Politicians

Is Meghan Markle or Harry or both considering a political career in the United States? Anything is possible…

Know What Is Common Between Kamala Harris And Selina Meyers From Veep

‘Veep’s’ vice president Selina Meyer is no longer a fictional character after Kamala Harris’ historic win, making her the first-ever female vice-president of the United States of America. The race for the presidential elections 2020 was one of a kind.…

Biden-Harris Administration And A Brief History Of Indian Americans In US Politics

In an effort to build his government that will ‘look like the country’, Biden has given 20 Indian-Americans, including 13 women, hold of key policy positions in his new administration.

Top World Leaders Congratulate Biden & Harris On Twitter, Raise Critical Issues

From human rights and COVID-19 to climate change and equality, world’s biggest leaders put their expectations forward as they congratulated the Biden-Harris administration on inauguration day.

Joe Biden’s Inauguration: How Lady Gaga Killed It While JLo Bombed

Be it style, impact or the grace on Biden’s inauguration day Lady Gaga really stood out.

Why Biden’s First Action In Office Should Be To Watch Mrs. America On Hulu

Mrs. America is a historical drama miniseries streaming on Hulu. The series is based on the Women’s Movement in the States in the 1970s and follows the path of Equal Rights Amendment Act to becoming a Law. Here’s why a show and act of the 1970s is still relevant today?

Resurgent Trump Busts The ‘Biden Blowout’ Myth As Voters Debunk Pollsters On Election Day

Donald Trump warned of ‘Cheating’ in Pennsylvania, a claim analysts feel could lead to tensions. The Home Guard is on stand by.

How Russian Meddling Won Trump The Presidency — They’re At It Again

Alongside celebrity gossip, some prominent US publications feature news articles from Russian media houses. US Intelligence identifies these as sources of “Russian propaganda” targeted at manipulating the Elections.