Why Johnny Depp Is The Perfect Fit To Pay Tribute To Heath Ledger’s Joker

It looks like a coup that landed the role of Joker in the upcoming Batman movies from Joaquin Phoenix to Johnny Depp More than a decade ago, Heath Ledger stunned the entire world with his jaw-dropping portrayal of the DC…

Just Like Fans, Even Kevin Smith’s Choice To Play The Joker Is Johnny Depp

DC fans have been going gaga over all the fan art showing our favourite Mad Hatter in the Joker avatar, and rightly so. What does Kevin Smith make of that? Let’s find out.

Joker In Batman 2021 Sounds More Like Heath Ledger Than Joaquin Phoenix

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is set to introduce another Joker to the DC entertainment universe. However, given the already divided fan response to its current iterations, chances are DC will mess up the iconic character.

Joker Paved The Path For Robert Pattinson’s Batman

DC Comic has been a childhood staple for many generations but somehow the characters have failed again and again in enchanting viewers in a live-action movie. The success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, however, helped paved the path for Robert…

Johnny Depp To Play The Iconic DC’S Joker In Batman Series

Director Kevin Smith might have confirmed the rumours that Johnny Depp Is Going To Play The Iconic Villain Of The DC Comics Joker. There are rumours that Johnny Depp might not be the next Captain Jack Sparrow of The Pirates…

How We Didn’t Notice It? Better Call Saul Season 5 Has A Scene Copied From DC’s Joker

“…. ah! You wouldn’t get it” but Better Call Saul Season 5, intentionally or accidentally, copied a moment from Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Netflix’s Better Call Saul is a masterpiece of storytelling that can be placed among the greatest shows and…

Robert Pattinson Is Out To Prove All Batman Experts Wrong

You’ve seen Batman saving Gotham from Joker; you’ve also seen Batman saving himself from Superman. Guess, what now? Now you’ll see Batman saving his family, as Robert Pattinson’s Batman to be a father in the new Batman reboot. We all…

First Look Of Johnny Depp As Joker In Batman 2021 Out

Johnny Depp to be the Joker in the next Batman Trilogy- Fans dedicate Artwork.When it was announced that Robert Pattinson…

Jared Leto Last Man Standing In Race To Replace Johnny Depp In Pirates 6

Johnny Depp’s chances of returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise look dimmer with each passing day.

Keanu Reeves’s Best Man Joaquin Phoenix Is Already Planning A Party

As per the latest reports, Keanu Reeves is to be the best man at Joaquin Phoenix’s wedding. But it seems like Joaquin Phoenix is also getting