Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Is Part Of DC Multiverse But Won’t Face-off With Robert Pattinson’s Batman

Multiverse gives DC the flexibility of spinning as many characters as they like while maintaining an Earth for each iteration and creating cross over events.

Parasite Or Joker? ⁠— Preference Is A Question of Class

While Joker and Parasite seem to be dealing with different subjects, their actions and consequences are closely related to class struggles.

Robert Pattinson Is Out To Prove All Batman Experts Wrong

You’ve seen Batman saving Gotham from Joker; you’ve also seen Batman saving himself from Superman. Guess, what now? Now you’ll see Batman saving his family, as Robert Pattinson’s Batman to be a father in the new Batman reboot. We all…

How The Climax Would Twist If The Joker Was Less Twisted

Produced by Todd Phillips who collaborated with screenwriter Scott Silver for this $1.1 billion blockbuster hit, Joker is the one movie of the decade that cannot be missed. A man who wants to make others smile falls prey to some…

Imtiaz Ali’s Next Movie Based On Joker Starring Ranbir Kapoor

if Joker had an Indian remake, our guess is that Ranbir Kapoor would make for a perfect ‘Joker’ meanwhile, Imtiaz would aptly fit as its

How JOKER Beats Avengers: Endgame On Multiple Levels

While one is a mix of everything superhero, the other filters down from all of it, and yet Joker beats Avengers: Endgame on so many levels. Todd Phillips’ Joker success has shown that the CGI-less comic book film is better than Russos’ Avengers:…

‘Joker’ in trend on PornHub after the release of the movie

PornHub has revealed a surge in the searches for ‘Joker’ on their website after the release of the movie ‘Joker’ in cinemas. The Internet can fickle at a squint. And so it did in the first week of October, following…