Americans Ditch The Mask With 4 Out Of 10 Fully Vaccinated

4 factors collectively answer why the US has emerged victorious in its vaccination program against the deadly coronavirus.

Vaccine Or Not, Drugmakers Get A Chance To Wash Off Old Sins

Drug makers are finding themselves in an inevitable position. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, share prices have soared and public criticism has grown muted. However an elaborate cover-up is underway to hide a sordid past.

Intrinsic US Healthcare Policy Lacunas Behind The Ghastly Covid-19 Crisis

Is the United States’ poor showing in combating the pandemic a direct consequence of its market-based healthcare system?

Profits before Patients: The Johnson & Johnson Hypocrisy

While in US Johnson & Johnson agrees to compensate with $1 billion for the liability of its implants poisoning bloodstreams of patients, in India it is shedding all conscience.

Teva to pay up $85 mn in Oklahoma opioid case settlement

Teva Pharmaceuticals to pay $85 mn to Oklahoma to settle opioid case Israel-based Teva Pharmaceuticals on Sunday agreed to pay USD 85 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the Oklahoma state over allegations that the company contributed to the…

NCPCR asks five states to stop sale of Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo

NCPCR asks five states to stop sale of Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) chief Prinyank Kanoongo on Saturday said that chief secretaries of five states, including Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam, Madhya…

Afflicted by the Cancer of Broken Trust’

J&J posted its first annual sales decline since 2002 in the previous fiscal year. But considering the backlash and negative publicity it is receiving from all sides, it may not be the last. US-based drug company Johnson & Johnson (J&J)…