Wolverine To Wonder Woman – Superheroes Who Are Bisexual

Marvel’s latest instalment Eternals is facing the music just because it represents! While the ‘rotten’ score and ‘critic’s review’ doesn’t matter much its appaling to see people being especially upset about LGBTQ representation. Right before the release many Gulf countries…

Constantine All Set To Return As HBO Max Prepares To Reboot It

Six years after its cancellation by NBC, HBO Max is all set to reboot ‘Constantine’ with an entirely new look. Read on to find out more. Based on the DC Comics character John Constantine created by Alan Moore, Stephen R.…

Constantine 2: Keanu Reeves’ Hellblazer Set To Lead Justice League Dark For HBO Max

Constantine 2 is in works at Warner Bros while  Keanu Reeves is supposed to reprise his character John Constantine an old rumour suggests that he might also lead the Justice League Dark Internet’s boyfriend Keanu Reeves is a busy man.…

Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5 Can Bring In Keanu Reeves To Play Constantine

Still far away in the future, Lucifer season 6 is already a fan favourite thanks to Keanu Reeves’s 2005 character, Constantine…A petition..

2019 Was A Trailer — Keanu Reeves Goes Blockbuster In 2020

It was Keanussance of course, but from his films to the fresh spark in his personal life, 2019 was the platform for Keanu Reeves, because the best of him will come in the years 2020 and 2021.

Constantine 2: Why Keanu Reeves is adamant on another ride to Hell?

In 2019, Reeves admitted that he will play Constantine again, but there’s hardly any news from Hollywood