Why Mary Trump’s Tell-All, Or Any Other Tell-All, Won’t Be Donald Trump’s Nemesis

The book written by Donald Trump’s niece is the latest addition to a lengthy list of damaging books written by Trump’s detractors. But Trump’s own actions and reactions may have a far greater role in his undoing than a bunch of blockbuster exposés.

Trump’s Reelection Strategy Is Old Wine In Older Bottle

Trump seems to be banking on the same base politics to carry him through, a risky strategy, given that, unlike Clinton, Joe Biden is hardly despised, and then there is Trump’s first term for the voters to look at. The voters may have already realized that the corrosive substance served up by Trump in the old “MAGA” bottle from the Reagan era was no fine wine.

John Bolton’s White House Memoir: The Book Trump Fears, Or Should

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s longest-serving National Security Advisor until fired in September 2019, paints a very unflattering picture of the President in his memoir describing him as “erratic,” “impulsive” and “stunningly uninformed”.

US ‘Support India’s Right to Self-Defence’ on Pulwama Attack

The US is very clear on Pakistan for ending support to terrorist, John Bolton(US National Security Adviser) proclaimed. John Bolton told his Indian peer Ajit Doval (Indian National Security Advisor), that America is in support to India’s right to self-defense. Bolton summoned…