Lisa Kudrow Is In The Friends Reunion, But Not Phoebe

Lisa Kudrow might be in the HBO Max ‘Friends’ reunion, but not as everyone’s favourite hippie aka Phoebe! Your fan-favourite group of friends can’t wait to be there for you! For 10 long seasons, fans watched Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler,…

The Best And Worst Episodes Of Friends

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Not Ashton Kutcher! Matt Le Blanc Was The Man To Steer Two And A Half Men When Charlie Sheen Left

Charlie Sheen’s exit in season 8 of two and half men did do well for the rankings, but hey! Was there a better solution? Let us find out.

Joey Doesn’t Share Food! Tribute to Friends’ Matt LeBlanc As He Turns 53

Friends actor Matt LeBlanc marks his 53rd birthday today. In a fitting tribute to the star here are some of the coolest GIFs of Joey Tribbiani from Friends highlighting his most iconic moments on the show. HOW YOU DOIN’? Joey’s…

Bursting The Bubble On Our All-Time Favourite: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Twitter has been flooded with outcries of millennials watching ‘Friends’. Crucial concerns have been expressed over the themes of the show.