Kamala Harris May Not Be The Ideal Vice President But She Definitely Suits Joe Biden

Despite Kamala Harris’ depth of experience and personal charisma, there are several reasons why she may not be the best choice for vice president. But choosing her may be the best bet for Joe Biden.

In Rebuffing Trump’s Cognitive Assessment Challenge, Biden Walks Into His Trap

The President went all out and challenged his rival to take the same test. saying that the Democratic nominee will be never able to pass the test. In reply, Joe Biden scoffed at the idea, suggesting the incumbent has a problem differentiating between animals.

Jury Is Out On Whether Trump Distrusts Democracy Enough To Ignite A Civil War

What would happen if Trump loses the election in November? How would he take defeat? How would his base would react? — There are many who fear that the incumbent President might very well refuse to accept the result of the election and could end up instigating his base towards unconstitutional means.

Trump Loses Patience With Endless Pandemic Talk

USA saw a record one day rise of more than 75,000 cases on July 17. Asked about this, Trump shrugged and attributed the high numbers to increased nation-wide testing. Trump claimed that the scale of testing outmatched any other nation, and that the USA was the ‘envy’ of the world.

Parscale Out — Can A Trump 2020 Reboot Save Donald?

The story begins in late June, from Tulsa, where US President Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since the US coronavirus lockdown began. The event which was held in Tulsa’s Bank of Oklahoma Centre had rows of empty seats despite claims of nearly one million people registering for the event.

The Race For The White House — DKODING’s Feature Series Covering The US Election

Biden’s lead has much to do with the fact national politics remains overshadowed by the response to the pandemic, and he has benefited from a lack of consistent scrutiny.

The Importance Of Bernie Sanders In Trump’s America

But as the United States finds itself in the throes of a burgeoning crisis – public health, economic, and social – a close look at Bernie Sanders’ core political beliefs reveals their remarkable prescience and prudence, particularly in the current context.

Trump Or Biden — The Furor Counts More Than The Elections

A butterfly flaps its wings in the US and, some poor farmer in a distant part of the world can now send his children to school. Or maybe he loses his access to the local market. What happens in the US impacts the rest of the world, whether the effects are intentional or otherwise.

Trump’s Reelection Strategy Is Old Wine In Older Bottle

Trump seems to be banking on the same base politics to carry him through, a risky strategy, given that, unlike Clinton, Joe Biden is hardly despised, and then there is Trump’s first term for the voters to look at. The voters may have already realized that the corrosive substance served up by Trump in the old “MAGA” bottle from the Reagan era was no fine wine.

Not Kanye West, Trump Or Biden ⁠— Arnold Schwarzenegger For US President 2020

US President Donald Trump has found new competition in Kanye West for the Presidency. The rapper via a tweet announced his stand for November 2020 elections. Kanye West said in the tweet, “We must now realize the promise of America…

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