Millennials Have Commitment Issues But Who Can Blame Them

Yes, but not for long is the millennial tagline. Millennials keep quitting their jobs but the reason is not the Gumball machines or the Ping-Pong table.

Wanna Be A Millionaire By Age 40? Here’s The Strategy, Millennials

With the right mindset and just the right discipline, one can get there by starting early investments, taking risks and compounding their wealth earned.

Covid-19 Consumer Trends: Top 10 Ideas For Starting A New Digital Business In 2022

A few businesses have steered well during the Covid-19 disruption and some have even made exponential growth. Here are the 10 ideas for a new business that are tried and tested good bets in 2021.

Employ more women, Kavitha Kalvakuntla tells industry

Pandemic played havoc with women workforce. 47% women lost their jobs due to covid, while men lost just 7%: Kavitha Kalvakuntla Pandemic played havoc with the lives of working women.  47% of women lost jobs due to covid, while men…

5 Jobs That Might Become Automated In The Nearest Future

Our world is taking a new shape driven by technology and AI. With this movement, most of the tiresome tasks will be done by AI-powered systems. It will certainly make our lives easier. However, there are also some concerns. AI…

Sentinel and Lumos Labs call developers to Decentralize the VPN industry the Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021

● Program to identify and hire developers with out-of-the-box privacy-focused decentralizedapplications on the Cosmos-based Sentinel blockchain● Stand a chance to join the Sentinel team and win from a grant pool of $100K along with an ecosystemsupport throughout the hackathon Sentinel,…

An opportune time for IT employees to look for their dream job and focus on the long term

Authored by Rishi Agrawal, Global Delivery Head & SVP – Application, Automation, and Analytics Services, 3i Infotech  Recently, I got a panic request from one of the technical professionals who has worked with me, for an urgent job change without…

What Is Behind Indian IT Sector’s Spiked Attrition Rate And Is It All Good?

Recruitment rate in India is on an upsurge and so is attrition rate. What does this tell us? Highlights — Leading tech giants of India record highest attrition rate since pandemic outbreak. Cognizant reports highest-ever attrition rate in Mar-June quarter.…

Gen Z Job Interviews Are Nothing Like When Millennials Joined The Workforce

Virtual Interviews are the new common and they are here to stay. Companies turn to Zoom, Skype, Hangouts interviews and Gen Z grads are making their way into the workforce.

7.35 Million Laid Off In April: Covid-19 Fury Pushes India’s Job Market To The Brink Of Collapse

The second wave of the Coronavirus seems to be interconnected with government complacency and driven by poor data collection.