Hunting In The Wrong Month Can Keep You Away From The Right Job

The pandemic has significantly impacted the job market. The number of job losses is rising daily, jeopardizing the careers of even mid and high-level executives.

How to quit your job nicely

With only 2.7% of government jobs in India, 97.3% people are working in organised or unorganized sector for their livelihood. The second most common issue people face now-a-days is how to quit your job in a best possible way. Whether from an MNC (multinational company) or a startup.

Jerks at the office: 5-Second rule to spot one around you

You may be aware of the 5-second-rule in regards to food. You can now use a similar principle to spot a toasty jerk at the office. When you are talking to somebody at the office and throwing ideas at them,…

Dream job interview: Do’s and Don’ts to Impress your next boss

The best month for taking up new jobs – October – is around the corner. It is the month with the maximum number of new job postings. It may just happen you find the perfect job opening – and blowout the interview.

How Indian government derives its job data?

Professional bodies including lawyers, CAs and architects, among others, also gig economy companies such as Ola and Uber would soon have to start filing data regarding jobs created.

Circular economy has potential to create 1.4 crore jobs: Niti Aayog CEO

“Circular economy has the potential to generate 1.4 crore jobs in the next 5-7 years & create lakhs of new entrepreneurs. Resource circularity is need of the hour to implement circular economy,” he said.

Automation may create 23 million new jobs for India’s women

Automation will create 23 million new jobs for Women in India by 2030 claims McKinsey Institute’s report. 12 million women may get displaced.

Amazon has 1,300 openings in India, highest in Asia-Pacific

Good news for job-seekers! 1,300 openings in Amazon India, the highest in Asia-Pacific The openings in India are also three times as much in China that has 467 vacancies, followed by Japan with 381, Australia with 250 and Singapore with…