Key To Whispers — How To Join The Rolls Royce Of Social Media

Keeping true to its timeless tradition, Rolls Royce has launched the fanciest social media networking platform of the world. So, how can you get into the Rolls Royce Whispers social network of the elite?

Legendary Struggles of Hip Hop Artists with Criminal Records

Where the mind is without fear, the melody can be made in peace. Some of the top Hip Hop rappers and their legendary struggles that make for stories fit to make Oscar-winning movie scripts.

As she turns 38 today, let’s scroll down and watch this fashion icon take over the world!

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Kanye West new song sounds like analogy letter to JAY-Z

Kanye West and Charlie Wilson’s new song, “Brothers,” which premiere on BET’s show Tales. After fans got a listen to the

Rihanna is the World’s richest female musician

Rihanna is a woman of many talents. Undoubtedly we know her as an exceptional singer, an actor and her more recent endeavors – Fenty Beauty and Fenty fashion. In addition to all this, she can now proudly say that she is the world’s richest female billionaire!