Kate Winslet Almost Died Filming Avatar 2

The world would have lost forever the most beautiful actress in the world, Kate Winslet, on the sets of ‘Avatar 2’. As fans await the sequel of the Oscar-nominated movie, Kate Winslet’s recent revelation about ‘Avatar 2’ has become a…

Arnold Schwarzenegger To Lend Voice For Netflix Terminator Anime?

Did you assume that Arnold Schwarzenegger was done with Terminator? Guess what, you were wrong – as he might be back for one last time to feature in Netflix’s Terminator anime. Terminator is now a world of its own –…

A Sustainable Mercedes-Benz Car Chase for Avatar Sequel

SUSTAINABILITY is THE need of the hour! And the makers of Avatar know it the best. Director James Cameron’s masterpiece Avatar and its sequels are based on the said theme and he has environmentalism rooted deep within him.   “Everything…

James Cameron is planning FOUR Avatar sequels, all thanks to Avengers: Endgame

James Cameron recently broke his silence over the upcoming project of Avatar 2. It’s been over a decade since Cameron’s Avatar broke

Govinda claims he was offered James Cameron’s Avatar, and suggested its title

Actor Govinda has claimed that he was offered a part in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, though he turned down the role citing unwillingness to apply paint on his body all through the 410 days of shooting.

Twitter goes hysterical after Govinda claims ‘Avatar’ title was his brain-child

Govinda has made Bollywood laugh for over a century. With his over-the-top comic roles of the 90’s, no one could have replaced the man….

Avengers Endgame all set to smash Avatar & become the biggest movie of all time

It was just a month ago, that the fans of Avengers Endgame accepted that they might never win against James Cameron’s Avatar. They were…