10 Movies Delayed Because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus impacted a doomsday scenario for Hollywood.Several movie release dates were delayed due to the spread of coronavirus…

Sounds Like Tom Cruise Picked Mission Impossible 7 Climax From James Bond’s Casino Royale Script

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 Climax will be set in Venice. Yes, similar to James Bond’s Casino Royale, Tom Cruise’s Mission …

Breaking News! Richard Madden To Be The Next James Bond

Hunt for the new 007 is on. Who’ll be the next James Bond is the centre of discussion right now. Recent development suggests that odds now favour Richard Madden and not James Norton as next James Bond. Highlights Not James…

No Time To Die — Time’s Up For Gender Stereotypes In James Bond Movies

James Bond used to be a womanizer and Bond Girls were commodities to glamorize the movies, but in No Time To Die, the age-old Ian Fleming concept of Bond Girls is finally being shown the exit door.

James Bond On Detox In No Time To Die… And May Be In Rehab

Now, with No Time To Die, it looks like the producers are ready to take Bond to a new high-less high, or so it seems. The chronic alcoholic is going to shed his demons and go clean in the next film.

James Bond Has No Time To Retire, He Will Be Coming Back For More

James Bond has a special space all around the globe — and no —‘No Time To Die’ will not be the end

James Bond’s Casino Royale vs James Bond’s Casino Royale: Who wins?

Casino Royale was Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel and it has two movies made – but which is the better one? The 1967 Casino Royale starring Ursula Andress and Peter Sellers was a weak and twisted version of the…

DB5 ‘made in Bond’ sold for ₹45.3 Crore

This James Bond Aston Martin car sold at the world’s biggest classic car auction in California. This DB5 was used to promote Thunderball

Female takes over James Bond role, meet the new protagonist of 007

Lashana Lynch will be the first woman to play the iconic role of 007 The action-packed James Bond character was long overdue for change. While a change was anticipated, this one has shocked everyone and it is being praised all…

Daniel Craig returns back to the set of Bond 25 after surgery

Daniel Craig has resumed shooting for his upcoming film James Bond 25 after he injured his ankle ligaments on the set of