Mark This List! You Wouldn’t Want To Miss These 10 Movies In 2021

The list includes 10 most awaited movies that will release next year. Many of which were postponed due to the pandemic.

Is Henry Cavill The Unluckiest Man In Hollywood

Before his run as Man of Steel, Geralt of Rivia and Sherlock, Henry Cavill was once dubbed the ‘unlucky’ Actor Henry Cavill is the Witcher, Sherlock Holmes and Superman but he is also dubbed the unluckiest man in the Hollywood.…

007 Tales: Sean Connery’s Struggle To Become The First James Bond

Becoming a synonym to the iconic British spy James Bond 007 had been a tough journey for late actor Sean Connery

Sherlock Holmes And James Bond In One Frame – All Thanks To Henry Cavill

We always wished for it but never expected to see Sherlock and James Bond working together in one frame. But thanks to Henry Cavill, it might just happen. Henry Cavill is going places these days as one of the most…

Harry Styles Eliminated From The Post-Craig James Bond Race

Oh, it’s heart-breaking! Is Harry Styles eliminated from the race to be the next James Bond once Daniel Craig retires post ‘No Time to Die’? Undoubtedly this entire debate of who’ll be the next James Bond post ‘No Time To…

Tom Ellis Sold His James Bond Dream To Lucifer For Season 6

The Lord of Hell (Tom Ellis) was planning to walk the earth as James Bond once he was done being Lucifer Morningstar, but Netflix ruined his plan. Let’s see what led to these developments! In the history of cinema, no…

Tom Hardy’s ‘Secret James Bond Deal’ To Replace Daniel Craig Starts In 2021

Amid many credible names in the race to be the next James Bond, Tom Hardy allegedly has made it to the final spot

Enola Holmes Done, Henry Cavill’s Next Role Could Make You Scream, 007

Henry Cavill is working hard to resume his role as Geralt of Rivia for the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher season 2. He will also soon be seen as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes.

The Boys Star Karl Urban Preferred As James Bond Over Henry Cavill

An AI survey finds The Boys star Karl Urban has higher chances to bag the James Bond role over fan preferred Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Is Juggling Three Great Roles At The Same Time, And May Land The Fourth Iconic One Of James Bond

Get ready to witness another side of Henry Cavill – the brainy Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming Netflix film Enola Holmes. Who knew the Holmes family had one more gem hidden – Enola Holmes? Yes, you’ve guessed it right! Enola…