11 Most Powerful PEOPLE In Crypto

Most powerful and influential people in the crypto industry who can turn the market upside down within minutes. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has overturned the tables, perhaps irreversibly. And as the years advance, the craze seems to be turning into…

Elon Musk Ditches Twitter — Flaky or Did He Dupe The Company To Make Billions

After making close to $1 billion through the news of joining Twitter’s board, Elon Musk chickens out. Was this another of Musk’s trick to leverage social media to make monetary gains? Highlights — Twitter CEO broke the news of Elon…

Jack Dorsey’s Crypto Ambitions Run Wild — Square Changes Name To “Block”

In a major rebranding move, Dorsey rechristens Square. Block is all set to fuel its founder’s Bitcoin ambitions. Highlights — Square changes its name to Block, two days after Jack Dorsey quits Twitter. The name to be effective from Dec…

Jack Dorsey Resigns, India Born Parag Agrawal New CEO Of Twitter

After holding the position twice since founding Twitter, Jack Dorsey has finally passed the baton to former CTO Parag Agrawal. Highlights — Co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey steps down from the position of CEO. Dorsey will remain on the Chair…

Twitter’s Tip Jar Feature To Integrate Bitcoin And A Lot Will Change

Another big day for Bitcoin featuring Twitter Inc. Another major Bitcoin breakthrough might be just around corner. Twitter has made headlines with its soon-to-be-launched tipping feature and rumors surrounding the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, makes it all the most interesting. According…

Beware! These Invasive, Data-Hungry Apps Are Getting Personal

For the sake of convenience, we unsuspecting digital users have given them a free hand. Its time to act smarter than your smart device.

7 Serial Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2021

In relentless pursuit of excellence, these innovators have made it a habit to come up with game-changing ideas. These serial entrepreneurs touch billions of lives and have even bigger plans for 2021.

Republicans Want To Blame Twitter, Facebook and Google For Trump’s Failed Campaign

The CEOs of the three behemoths of information testified for an act that prevents social media websites from being held responsible for content that users post on their platforms.

Early Signs Of Economic Recovery As Recruitment Season Resumes

Although things are returning to normalcy, it would be a folly to expect the same old pattern of hiring to come back. The pandemic has changed the world order, and businesses have started adapting to it. Firms are tweaking their recruitment process in more than one way. Nevertheless, change also brings new opportunities. India Inc resuming recruitment at a faster pace than expected is a good sign for the entire business ecosystem.

Trump’s Futile War Against Twitter Reveals How Little He Knows The Law

Having been fact-checked and found wanting by Twitter, an incensed Trump, like the study in irony he is, tweeted his outrage threatening to “strongly regulate” or “close down” social media platforms, and railed, “clean up your act, NOW!!!”