Vaccine Passports: Pros, Cons & How They Can Kickstart World Economy

Vaccine Passports are coming someday soon you may need to prove your Covid status to go to the pub, food-joint, travel abroad or even go to work.

Indian Millennials Migrating Abroad Have More Options Than Ever Before

With the Indian Diaspora largest in the world, India tops the chart of remittance receiving nation. Though the migration of High Networking Individuals form the country is matter of concern.

Top 15 Highest Paid Heads Of States And Richest Monarchs In The World

Some of the government heads on our list of the world’s highest paying are earning a lot more than the per capita GDP of the citizens of their countries. Others surprisingly don’t even make it to the 15 highest-paid heads of state despite being the national leaders of huge economies

Waiting For 2020 To End? Experts Warn 2021 To Be Worse Than 2020

Disappointment may just be waiting round the corner for all sanguine folks eagerly waiting to bid adieu to 2020. Here’s a look at some of the not-so-great things we may have to brace ourselves for in 2021.

5 Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Globally (& 5 With The Worst)

Political leadership is under increasing pressure to control the spread of the deadly virus and limit the panic amongst people.

Coronavirus Exposes Global Fragility — Governments That Failed The Pandemic Test

According to the latest findings and analysis by YouGov, a British market research and data analytics firm that tracks how people are responding to the outbreak and their views on their government’s handling of the contagious disease, approval of government handling of COVID-19 has plunged to lowest level.

PM Modi discusses international terrorism with NZ PM Ardern

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (local time) met his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern on the sidelines of 74th United Nations

Jacinda Ardern beat the odds to become world’s youngest female leader

Jacinda Ardern is a true leader and an inspiration to all women • She is also the first world leader since 1990 to have a baby whilst in office • Her life history reveals that she was once a rocking…

New Zealand bans sale of assaults after Christchurch shooting

Christchurch shooting aftermath: New Zealand bans sale of assault, semi-automatic rifles In the wake of twin mosque shootings in Christchurch that killed 50 people last week, New Zealand  on Thursday implemented an immediate ban on the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatics across…

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed reformation in gun laws

NZ PM Ardern confirms gun law reform following Christchurch shooting In the wake of the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed that the government has agreed to reform the country’s gun laws. Terming the incident as…