Understanding India’s E-Cigarettes Ban: Health Consciousness or Tobacco Hypocrisy?

India’s e-cigarettes ban is facing backlash from the pro-vaping groups who are calling it as mindless, arbitrary and excessive, but there’s more than one factor behind the decision.

Ogilvy designs new corporate campaign for ITC

ITC Limited has recently released a new corporate campaign ‘Sab Saath Badhein’ which is a series of 4 TVCs. The first TVC highlights how consumers’ trust in ITC’s rich bouquet of world-class Indian brands has enabled the Company to create larger value for the society and environment.

Leelaventure alleges oppressive tactics by minority shareholder ITC

Promoters for Hotel Leelaventure on Monday told the National Company Law Tribunal that minority shareholder ITC was trying to scuttle their deal

Evolution of ITC from chain smoker to social smoker

For the first time in the company’s history, the cigarette division of ITC contributed less than 50% of the company’s net worth.

ITC’s new Chairman Sanjiv Puri has big boots to fill

Three-decade ITC veteran Puri has been appointed as the new Chairman of the company.