Neither Brie Larson Nor Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr’s MCU Heir Is Letitia Wright

Robert Downey Jr defined the superhero genre with his portrayal of Iron Man in the past decade. While there are speculations about his successor no one knows for sure who might bring back the arrogant genius

Here’s How Shang-Chi Can Potentially Leave Behind Captain America or Iron Man

Marvel Studios’ Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi is set to become next Captain America Or Iron Man of the MCU

Marvel Goes Back To The Beginning Tony Stark Returns, September 2020

Tony Stark is coming back to Marvel and will resume his mantel of Iron Man. Mark the date, September 2020 for Iron Man #1

Marvel May Follow Stranger Things Footsteps To Bring Back Tony Stark

MCU phase 4 might bring our beloved Avengers back from the dead. Scroll down to know more! Will Marvel follow the footsteps of ‘Stranger Things’ and bring its significant characters back from the dead? Highlights Marvel’s big twist for phase…

Tony Stark Left The MCU But His Genius Did Not

Iron Man might be dead but his presence is felt in the MCU Phase 4 through Tony Stark’s various inventions. Here’s what you can expect

Tony Stark and Peter Parker Were Never Meant To Be

The truth about Marvel and Sony’s different visions of Tony Stark and Peter Parker Relationship

Iron Man And Batman To Take Marvel Vs DC To Another Level

DC Comics might be looking for a way to get into the league of Marvel and turns out Marvel was the answer all along. Is there finally a collaboration between the two universe? Blame a man for trying! Dan Didio…

Ironheart’s Suit Gets A Marvel Worthy Upgrade

Ironheart is in works at the Marvel Studio, an artist re-imagines a new suit worthy of her MCU debut

This Avengers Endgame Plot Hole Will Be Fixed In Captain Marvel 2

Avengers Endgame has a lot resting on it’s shoulders. So is it okay if it forgets this very important Captain Marvel arc in the movie? Avengers: Endgame had a huge responsibility resting on it’s shoulders alone. It was like a…

Iron Lad To Take On Iron Man’s Mantle in Marvel Phase 5

Iron Lad or Harley Keener, ‘that kid’ from Iron Man 3 has come of age to take forward Iron Man’s legacy in the MCU

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