Killmonger Is The New Black Panther

In the sixth episode of Marvel Studios What If, Erik Killmonger saves Tony from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.  But does this make Tony safe?

How Love Is Making Its Way Up In The MCU

Love has always been around in the MCU. But with time, its presence is becoming clearer and its significance stronger. Here’s how love grew.

What if…? Realise Fans’ Worst Nightmare

The 3rd episode of Marvel Studios What If gives shape to our worst nightmare where the original Avengers are killed even before they could come together.

Robert Downey Jr. Bagged Iron Man’s Role In The MCU Because Of His Flop Film

Many people know Robert Downey Jr. as a prolific actor and producer. However, his less than ideal past and unsuccessful movies made it quite difficult for him to get cast as one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Find out the…

Mark Ruffalo’s Presence Is Worthless In MCU

Unbeknownst to his fans or co-star, Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner felt extremely insecure about his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mark Ruffalo is one of the goofiest and most loveable actors who starred in the ‘Avengers’ films. Yet…

Wong, Abomination And Mandarin: Shang-Chi Takes On Iron-Man’s Legacy

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has multiple connections to MCU’s past. Let’s talk about how the movie might show them.

Robert Downey Jr: From Being Tony Stark To Becoming Iron-Man

MCU’s Iron Man aka Tony Stark needs no introduction to any hardcore entertainment consumer. But Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays this mega mind tech giant might need some. Not that we don’t recognize him from his back-to-back blockbusters…

What If…?: Every Alternate Character You Need To Know

The trailer of Marvel Studios’ What If…? took us on a thrilling ride across multiple alternate possibilities in the MCU. Here’s more on it.

Robert Downey Jr. Treats Tom Holland Like His Own Son

Marvel actors Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland’s off-screen relationship is just like their bond as Iron Man and Spider-Man, respectively. Here are some candid confessions by Tom Holland about his off-screen rapport with Downey Jr. a Before portraying Tony…

Scarlett Johansson Is Furious About The Hypersexualization Of Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is tearing down one sexist remark at a time. Many times, actresses have to undergo casual sexism and misogynistic behaviour by their co-stars, producers, and even by the reports. But gone are the days, when women would laugh…