Captain Marvel To Expose Skrull’s Secret Invasion In MCU Phase 5

With the appearance of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel, the MCU may be planning to add the Secret Invasion events into its storyline.

Shuri Deciphers Marvel’s Infinity Saga In New Wakanda Files

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Tom Cruise To Be The New Iron Man Of MCU – Doctor Strange 2

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Robert Downey Jr Sets Up An Epic Game Of Wits With Michael Fassbender In Sherlock Holmes 2021

Soon after his stint finished with the MCU, Downey Jr went on to do a Dr Dolittle reboot that miserably tanked. His next should have been Sherlock Holmes 3 due in December 2020 but that now stands delayed to a December 2021 release. And fresh reports suggest that WB is eyeing Michael Fassbender to ensure Sherlock Holmes 3 is a success.

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Captain Carter’s What If Episode Brings Robert Downey Jr Back To The MCU

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Neither Brie Larson Nor Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr’s MCU Heir Is Letitia Wright

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Here’s How Shang-Chi Can Potentially Leave Behind Captain America or Iron Man

Marvel Studios’ Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi is set to become next Captain America Or Iron Man of the MCU