Much Awaited Apple ‘iOS 16’ Launched: How It Will Change Your iPhone

iOS 16 Starts Rolling Out Today: Check Out Its Top Features Here… In the month of June 2022, apple announced their latest software interface iOS 16, at the WWDC22 — and since then it has been going through various testing…

Clubhouse Spawns Several Copy Cats In The Audio Social Media Space

The social media aspect of music and video exploded in 2020, with Clubhouse attracting users worldwide. The audio chat app Clubhouse’s meteoric rise hasn’t just attracted users’ attention, which is currently some 10 million. The significant increase in members has not gone unnoticed.

Google lets you use iPhone as physical security key for 2FA

Google Smart Lock app on the iOS has received a new update that allows you to use you iPhone as physical two-factor authentication (2FA) security key. With version 1.6, you can set your phone’s built-in security key for your Google Account.

Apple to make iOS updates less buggy: Report

Apple is reportedly working on making its iOS updates less buggy by making it easier to spot problems early. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker is working on adding ‘Flags’ to features in test versions of iOS. The new process and settings menu is aimed at helping developers selectively enable those features to analyse the impact of each.

Apple releases surprise iOS 13.1 beta

Apple is not waiting for the roll-out of iOS 13 before bringing the beta version of its next update for developer preview. The company has released a surprise iOS 13.1 beta with features including Shortcuts Automations that was removed from the iOS 13 update, MacRumours reports.

Facebook adopts the dark side

The undisputed king of social media Facebook has finally come up with a dark mode for their mobile app users.

Your old phone can be used to keep a watch at your own house

If you have some old phones collecting dust in a drawer don’t sell them for a fraction of what you

WhatsApp bug allowed installation of spyware

WhatsApp has reportedly fixed a bug that allowed hackers to remotely install WhatsApp on phones. The vulnerability, documented on Facebook, describes the vulnerability in WhatsApp’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) stack that allowed the caller to allow the installation of…

Pope Francis launches new app “ClickToPray” making religion digital

ClickToPray looks forward to bring youngsters back to the Church As the world is rampantly becoming digital, we mark the small steps it takes. Finally religion has paved its way to the digital world. With more and more people becoming…

Apple releasing HomePod in China on 18th January

Breakthrough Wireless Speaker Delivers an Immersive Listening Experience with High-Fidelity Sound In December, Apple said that it would begin selling its HomePod smart speaker in China “early next year.” Today, the company revealed that the device will go on sale in China and in…