7 Scenes From Christopher Nolan Movies That Put Superhero CGI To Shame

In the contemporary era, movies loaded with computer graphics are taking the mantle too fast. Not that these films aren’t persuasive enough in terms of strong plotline, but the CGI effects add the missing spice to the movie. In these…

With Tenet, Christopher Nolan Departs From Inception-Interstellar Filmmaking Rituals

Touted as Nolan’s most ambitious film of his career, there are certain things which definitely make Tenet a remarkable film in its own way. Nolan filmed Tenet while keeping its storyline under lock and key.

The mystery behind cosmic dust found in the Antarctic

The cosmic dust in the Antarctic Snow could be from an ancient supernova resulted from a stellar explosion millions of years ago.

Christopher Nolan’s next film to release in 2020

New Delhi, Jan 28 :: Hollywoodís famous science-fiction director Christopher Nolan is next film will be opened in IMAX on July 17, 2020, announced Warner Bros. Nolanís upcoming project is described as an event film but nothing else has been…