Web Surfing In Public Places Is A Way To Court Trouble

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a café or restaurant needing to get some work done? Like everyone else, you probably logged onto the public WIFI hotspot available in the café or somewhere nearby. Surfing the internet (web surfing)…

OneWeb and Hugh Announce Agreement to Bring Low Earth Orbit Satellite Broadband Service to India

OneWeb and Hughes Announce Agreement to Bring Low Earth Orbit Satellite Broadband Service to India OneWeb, the low Earth orbit satellite communications company, and Hughes Network Systems LLC (“Hughes”), an innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks for 50…

Stay Anonymous And Still Surf The Internet

While the internet makes our lives easier, such as easy and fast shopping, working, connecting, studying, and playing our favourite games, among others, the increase in mass surveillance is making more and more people ditch the internet. Activities such as…

Hughes to Connect 1,800 Indian Bank Sites with Satellite Broadband

High-Performance Network to Span Bank of India and Affiliated Regional Rural Bank Branches across Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra   Hughes Communications India Private Ltd. (HCIPL), a leading provider of broadband satellite and managed network services and a wholly-owned subsidiary…

“Tried, Tested & Evaluated By CIOs” — Yotta Set To Disrupt Data Centre Industry Dynamics

Combing the acumen, data centre expertise, and power generation capability, Yotta Infra promises to offer scalability, flexibility & quality on large economies of scale, leading to unparalleled savings for their customers.

Demonetization To Covid-19: UPI Takes Charge Of India’s Economy

The instant, real-time world-class payment system seeded during the country’s demonetization has accelerated during the pandemic.

R&M’s Turnkey Point of Presence Boosts Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Projects

R&M produces PoP cells for fiber optic networks. Ready-to-use solution saves weeks of installation work and speeds up Fiber to the Home projects.  The expansion of broadband networks can be accelerated further. Reichle & De-Massari (R&M), the globally active developer…

Extreme IX Establishes Internet eXchange Point At CtrlS Datacenter In Mumbai

Highlight Collaboration is aimed to improve latency and stability of  connectivity while enhancing redundancy and lowering costs Extreme IX, India’s leading Internet Exchange Point recently collaborated with CtrlS Datacenters to start its POP in CtrlS facility in Mahape, Navi Mumbai…

How To Say ‘Sorry’ On Social Media

The ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is a concept misplaced in the books of Social Media. Online mob has turned into judge and jury themselves giving verdict with one eye closed.

Benefits Of 5G Blur The Difference Between SMBs And Enterprises

With the upcoming benefits of the 5G evolution, every business, from SMBs to large scale enterprises gets an opportunity to revolutionize its operations in more than one way.