Benefits Of 5G Blur The Difference Between SMBs And Enterprises

With the upcoming benefits of the 5G evolution, every business, from SMBs to large scale enterprises gets an opportunity to revolutionize its operations in more than one way.

Where to satisfy your curiosity on the Web

Science can strike you anywhere, at class, while traveling and even while reading this article. And the internet is the best place to keep..

Google’s balloon cell-service spin-off awaits lift-off

A tennis-court sized helium balloon is all set to reach Kenya in the weeks to follow for its first ever commercial test. Loon has proved its worth when earthquake struck wireless cell-carriers in Puerto Rico and Peru used it to replace downed towers.

Is India ready for IoT technology?

India’s digital economy is projected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2022, but factors like slow movement on 5G infrastructure, poor financial condition of telcos and policy ambiguities could stall the country’s march to the next league. Internet of Things…