Voyager Station: Here’s How The World’s First Space Hotel Will Look, Feel And Smell Like

The world’s first space hotel is expected to open in 2027. Check the inside of the planned ‘Voyager Station’

Inside NASA’s ‘Luxurious’ Plan To Renovate The Space Station For Astro-Tourists

Axiom Space is on the news with its next project to build the first space station in history. This space station will be serving as a destination for private astronaut flights to low Earth orbit.

$55 Million For A Return Ticket: Destination Space Opens For Tourism In 2022

Axiom Space with the help of SpaceX has lined up the first-ever private space tour mission to the ISS, a year from now.

An Orange Pouch Tied To The International Space Station Is Key To Humans Reaching Mars

The pouch holds a device called Dosis-3D, key to astronauts countering enhanced radiation in longer flights, like the ones being planned to Mars.

This app uses rocket science to cure jet lag

Called Timeshifter, the app is based on the science applied by NASA to help the bodies of its astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) make sense of day and night, by offering what is called as? visual caffeine?, Wired reports.

Woman Astronaut accused of the first-ever crime in space

Anne McClain, an astronaut aboard International Space Station is accused of illegally using ex-hubby’s bank account.

Sleeping in space is the most fun thing to do

We know how they walk in space; we know how they eat in space; we even know how they litter in space, but do you know how they sleep in space?

With Gaganyaan, ISRO lays groundwork for India’s first Space Station

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is planning to build its own space station. Groundwork to start after the Gaganyaan mission. ISRO is taking massive strides in space research and expedition and has now announced their plan to have India’s very…

Pakistan expresses ‘grave concern’ over space debris generated by India’s ASAT test

Pakistan expresses ‘deep concern’ over space debris created by ASAT test by India Pakistan on Monday expressed “deep concern” over the threats resulting from space debris generated by the recently conducted Anti-Satellite weapon (ASAT) test by India. “The reports that…

NASA called India’s A-SAT test unacceptable

India’s A-SAT test unacceptable: NASA The United States‘ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Monday (local time) called India’s successful anti-satellite test (A-SAT) as “unacceptable“. Alleging that the test poses a safety threat to the International Space Station (ISS),…