Benefits Of 5G Blur The Difference Between SMBs And Enterprises

With the upcoming benefits of the 5G evolution, every business, from SMBs to large scale enterprises gets an opportunity to revolutionize its operations in more than one way.

Morocco’s Solar Farm: An inspirational model in fight against climate change

Morocco builds a 3,000-hectares concentrated solar farm enough to power a city the size of Prague.

You work, Not your partner: Trump’s message to H-1B visa holders

The US government is scrapping the H4 visa, a move which could affect the families of thousands of Indian hi-tech workers in the US and led to a shortage of skilled workers in the US.

Foreign Diplomacy: Saving Grace for Modi’s Report Card

Increased foreign investment and growing global influence – Foreign Diplomacy is arguably the best rated subject on PM Modi’s report card.

Kim to meet Putin in Russia

Kim-Putin to meet in Russia in late April North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will travel to Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin later this month. “Vladimir Putin will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Chairman of the…

Theresa May calls for short extension to Brexit deal

Theresa May to seek extension to Brexit deal British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said she will ask for an extension to the long-pending process of the United Kingdom‘s withdrawal from the European Union, commonly called ‘Brexit‘. Addressing media…