The Global Digital Economy, Spearheaded By Millennials And Gen Z

The way Millennials and Gen Zers — the first generation of digital natives — engage with digital content.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Hiding The Catastrophic Dangers Of Metaverse — Beginning Of The End?

Given the deplorable track-record of Facebook, how can we trust Mark Zuckerberg again with something as sensitive as metaverse? It cannot be more fascinating. The world that we often witnessed in Hollywood sci-fi movies is gradually coming to reality. Anything…

Stefania Ferrario: A Marilyn Monroe Of The Down Under

Stefania Ferrairo Is Reminding the World Of Marilyn Monroe — Guty Glamour, Bold and Beautiful — Woman Who Inspires Millions

Kardashian-Jenner Sisters: How Many Social Media Followers Do They Have?

Kardashian-Jenner sisters are everywhere on the internet. But are they powerful enough to be metamorphosing masses? Probably, yes. Love them or hate them, but you just can’t ignore them. The world might witness the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their influence as…

Priyanka Chops Jonas: The Real Truth Behind The Change Of Name

Trouble In Paradise? Priyanka Chopra Has Something For Fans On Divorce Rumour… Mr. & Mrs. Jonas made multiple headlines in 24 hours but what is true and what is not? Highlights- Priyanka Chopra on Friday removed ‘Jonas’ from her Instagram…

Bella Hadid’s Mental Health Post Is A Fire Alarm For One And All

Bella Hadid’s Mental Health Post Is Important And We Should Listen! With stars talking about cars and drugs, let’s listen to Hadid talking about the real struggle that millions go through. Highlights — Bella Hadid shares a strong message on…

Angelina Jolie — What A True Celebrity On Social Media Looks Like

In the age where celebs can’t stop talking about bucks and Botox, Jolie is here to reinforce the true meaning of influence. Expression and parameters of beauty differs for different people throughout the world. But one woman who appears to…

Israel Is Militarizing Instagram — With An Oomph Factor!

On Instagram, you’ll find several accounts of female Israeli troopers posting pictures and videos with heavy ammo in sassy clothes.

Henry Cavill Politely Ask Fans To Stay Out Of His Personal Life

Henry Cavill has finally taken over Instagram to ask the world to stay out of his personal and professional life. Superman himself took to Instagram in the most respectful manner he could to tell his fans to stop the ever-rising…

Clubhouse Spawns Several Copy Cats In The Audio Social Media Space

The social media aspect of music and video exploded in 2020, with Clubhouse attracting users worldwide. The audio chat app Clubhouse’s meteoric rise hasn’t just attracted users’ attention, which is currently some 10 million. The significant increase in members has not gone unnoticed.