The 11 Cutting-Edge Success Lessons Sheryl Sandberg Has Taught Us

After serving as the COO of Meta, Sheryl Sandberg is all set to step down. These lessons from her career are the bible of success in the corporate world. In 2008, Facebook’s leading lady took a risk of stepping out…

5 Phrases That Effective Leaders Use To Inspire Action

Great companies like Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and JP Morgan are built on the shoulders of legendary leaders who know what to say and what to omit.

From Zero To Millions — These Are The World’s Most Inspiring RAGS TO RICHES Success Stories

Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Media Personalities, Athletes, Humanitarians – Their modern-day success stories transcend the definition of ordinary and inspire today’s generation of millennials.

Inspiration In Action — Satyendar Jain Receives ‘People Who Inspire India’ Award 2020

DKODING Media awards, ‘People Who Inspire India 2019-20’ to Satyendar Jain who by his actions created an everlasting impression on Delhi

I have spent my life being embarrassed – Jessica Chastian

It’s a strange paradox. We spend all our energy to scale the summit of success, only to realize that the steps are made of the scattered shards and pieces of our confidence.

FAIL: ‘First Attempt In Learning’

“The 3 choices in life are Give up, Give in, or Give it all you got” – Deepak Kaistha Don’t just make an income : Make an impact.  You create new enemies everyday. It’s called business.  When people hate you, …

Friday Motivation | Momentum is Greater than the Moment

“A Psyche Poisoned with Scarcity cannot Rise” – Deepak kaistha Conviction always trends. Patience is a skill. Practise it. You don’t have to be a star to shine. You don’t have flawless. Just don’t be flawed. The game is about…

Thursday Motivation | Make sure Today has something Yesterday didn’t.

“What’s the point of a brand new day if it’s the same as yesterday? Multiply a little today. Be a little bigger. Grow a little taller” – Deepak kaistha  1. “Listen well. Being interested is more important than being interesting” 2.…