10 Startups That Bled Thousands Of Jobs During The Lockdown

Poor funding, meagre investment and COVID-19 restrictions forced these top Indian startups to lay off employees in their thousands.

Let’s Make The Byju’s Scandal A Trigger To Erase Toxicity From Indian Startup Culture

Overworking and a poor work-life balance are the two major complaints found amongst the Indian corporate employees. However, with the advent of a large number of startups, the figure-oriented organizations are further lowering the standard of Indian corporate work culture drastically.

The Unicorn Package: More Than Chinese Money, Indian Startups Will Miss The Perks That Come With It

The call to boycott Chinese products has recently caught up in India after the violent standoff between the Indian Army and Chinese PLA in the Galwan valley of Ladakh.

The Hire & Fire Culture — Don’t Blame Startups For A Flawed Ecosystem

By the beginning of April, many major startups and unicorns started feeling the heat of a cash crunch. Their businesses were hit severely by the imposition of lockdown. Due to the two-month-long lockdown across the nation, the revenue of these startups has received a major blow.

1,70,00,000 Indian SMEs To Shutdown…

This article examines whether the Indian SME sector would survive the disruption caused by the Covid 19 lockdown. Already struggling, Indian SMEs are faced with a Perfect Storm of converging trends. The government needs to step in to save the sector. SMEs too should learn to be resilient now.

Startups: Women Who Inspire India

In a male-dominated tech and startups industry, it is rare to hear women as a CEO or running a profitable startup. Here is a list of top 5 profitable startups in India that are run by women. The third one…

Promising Indian start-ups set sights on Dubai

Promising Indian start-ups from New Delhi and Bengaluru have set their sights on Dubai after being selected as winners in a prestigious competition held as part of the first-ever Dubai Start-up Hub Roadshow to India.

Oyo’s Mafia-esque Business Model

Hoteliers voice concerns that deep discounting, high commissions and arbitrary contract changes are making their business suffer.

The BlackBuck that raises Green Bucks

Logistics startup BlackBuck raises Rs 550 cr funding from Accel Partners US, Goldman Sachs, B-Capital to power its steering Bangalore based logistics startup BlackBuck has raised Rs 550 crore from Accel Partners US, Goldman Sachs and B-Capital in its ongoing…

Live tutoring start-up Vedantu raised $5M funding from China’s TAL Education Group

With more financial resources, Vedantu will redefine the learning experience for students Bangalore Based Vedantu, a live online tutoring firm, raised a funding of $5 million from Beijing based education and technology enterprise, TAL Education Group on 3rd April. TAL has…