Why Delhi Needs 5 More Years Of AKNOMICS

India is caught in a back-breaking slowdown, the economy is crumbling and just doesn’t seem to reach its destiny – so is there a model of growth for India to achieve its potential? Let’s start with an analogy.

Bharat Bachao Rally: First Visuals From Congress’ Mega ‘Halla Bol’ Against Modi Govt.

If you too are in disagreement with the BJP government’s latest attempt at altering the Constitution, here is a rally you should be a part of. Indian National Congress is organising the ‘Bharat Bachao Rally’ on Saturday, 14th December at 12 pm, Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi.

Economic Slowdown: What if, Dr. Manmohan Singh was present day PM – India debates

Even after three steroid doses being injected to rectify a possible far-fetched budget, India is still prone to a deep economic recession/crises. While UPA made sure India was the least hit in 2008, how come India is at the forefront…

Rahul Gandhi to quit Politics?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi not only publicly conceded defeat but has reportedly turned in his resignation from the leadership position in congress.

Maharashtra: The Land of Reckoning for BJP

Winning Maharasthra with Shiv Sena will be paramount for Modi in 2019, but unemployment and agrarian crisis is what will decide BJP’s fate

क्यों देश को चाहिये राहुल सरकार ?

जिनकी आवाज को नक्कारखाने में तूती की आवाज कह कर कमजोर समझा जाता था, अब माना जाता है कि भविष्य में उनकी ही तूती बोलेगी.  राजन प्रकाश | डिकोडिंगन्यूज़लाइन | मार्च 13, 2019 इस चुनाव का नरेटिव यही है कि यह महामुकाबला…