World War III Hotspots: Top 5 Most Volatile Regions On Earth

With the world retracing its steps to the pre-covid era, subdued conflicts around the globe have re-surfaced with the rising terror of a potential World War III. The participation of Superpowers in proxy wars has created major hotspots around the world that are already on the brink of war requiring slight instigation to wage a war against each other.

China Is Unavoidable — No Country Knows It Better Than India

With rising chorus for boycott of Chinese goods, the discord with China isn’t limited to one part of the world.

Confrontational China: How To Keep Xi Jinping’s Expansionist Regime At Bay

Over the last few years, we have seen an overtly hostile China taking on many countries at the same time world at large has turned vary of the country. But why?

Indo-China Border Standoff: Disengagement Meaningless Without Status Quo Ante

From the Indian perspective, the Chinese intruded deep into the Indian side of the LAC and have now receded to some extent, which still leaves quite a bit of Indian territory beneath their feet. The position would get frozen and become the new LAC, if total disengagement is not immediately followed by a complete reversion to status quo ante. But to get China to agree to that would be far more difficult for India than bringing about a de-escalation.

India’s Ban Of Chinese Apps Is Only A Small Step In Asserting Its Cyber Sovereignty

India’s ban of 56 Chinese apps heralds a new normal in Sino-Indian relations, one that will no longer be decoupling trade and politics. However, much needs to be done before the country can adequately firewall itself from the prying eyes of the Dragon in the fraught realm of cyberspace.

The Unicorn Package: More Than Chinese Money, Indian Startups Will Miss The Perks That Come With It

The call to boycott Chinese products has recently caught up in India after the violent standoff between the Indian Army and Chinese PLA in the Galwan valley of Ladakh.

Ghosts Of 1962 Resurface To Haunt A Cornered India

The Indian and Chinese armies face each other in an eye ball to eye ball confrontation yet again. Despite the recent thaw in relations after Xi Jingping’s Mamallapuram visit, the Dragon is now marking territory in the lofty heights of the Himalayas.

Ill-Timed Aggression Against India: China Risks United Ire

Refusing to bow down to the coercive tactics of a bellicose China, India has decided to not back down from a standoff with China – along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

Why TikTok Is A Massive Threat To India’s National Security – Ban It Or Not?

If TikTok is a Chinese Super spy – the US investigates but India sleeps as of now. It is no more a myth following US National Security being on high alert re: TikTok. That said: Chinese Govt. is suspected to…

How India is Countering China’s Rising Soft Power in Afghanistan?

China is ramping up interests in Afghanistan to keep its regional “Geopolitical Rival” at bay, but India has its own soft power agenda in the war-torn country.