Economists Issue Alert: India’s Poor Economy Is Dangerous For Your Future

Lack of jobs in the market has already hit the common man severely. The double-digit contraction rate means the situation is likely to improve only at snail’s pace.

How Nirmala Sitharaman’s Economic Package Might Stop You ‘Feeling Broke’

If the forecast of IMF turns out to be true, India will be the worst affected economy in the South Asia. However, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s Rs. 73,000 crore package looks bright.

IMF Chief Gita Gopinath Lowers India’s 2019 Growth Forecast To 4.8%

The downward revision primarily reflects negative surprises to economic activity in a few emerging market economies, notably India, which led to a reassessment of growth prospects over the next two years, said Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF), here on Monday.

New IMF chief Georgieva warns of economic slowdown in 90% of world

The new chief of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva said on October 8, that the global economy is experiencing a ‘synchronized slowdown’, warning that it would worsen if governments failed to resolve trade conflicts and support growth.

Innovate to transform banking and money landscape: IMF

As privately issued stablecoins continue to encroach on more traditional forms of money — like cash and bank deposits — policymakers will not simply look on from the sidelines.

One more reason for Modi Govt to worry about

International Monetary Fund (IMF) on September 12 said that India’s economic growth is “much weaker” than expected due to corporate and environmental regulatory uncertainty and “lingering weakness” in some non-Bank financial companies.

Global trade uncertainties up 10 times than previous peak levels: IMF

Concerns about global trade have reached nearly 10 times the peaks seen in the previous two decades, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said.”Globally, the trade policy uncertainty index is rising sharply, having been stable at low levels for about…

Pak receives first installment of IMF bailout package

Out of the USD 6 billion bailout package, Pakistan will receive the instalment of USD 1 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Rise of successful companies is a threat to world economy: IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that rising power of big successful companies across the world could lower capital investment, weaken productivity and reduce people’s take-home pay.

Is India ready for the global economic storm?

The global economy is expected to suffer a slowdown in growth this year. However, India’s dependence on its domestic economy could limit the impact.  IMF has cited the possibility of a an economic storm that’s brewing in the global economy…