First of Many: Iceland holds a funeral for melted glacier

Everybody in Iceland is devastated since one of their glaciers disappeared due to the massive exploitation of Earth.

Melting ice is unearthing a secret that US preserved for eternity

The secret nuclear project US military started beneath Greenland’s icecaps will be uncovered courtesy of the climate change.

A submarine solution to the lost polar icecaps?

This proposed submarine will make ice inside the ocean, but scientists still think this is not enough to clean the doings of humans.

Alaskan summer meltdown: All the sea ice is gone

The above-average temperatures have led to Alaskan sea ice meltdown. This is caused by the rate of global warming and pollution has led to a complete waste away of Alaskan ice. A historic July heat wave led to the vanishing…

Greenland Mega Meltdown: Bad news for everybody on the planet?

The fire on Greenland has shown some terrifying outcomes with the scientist have recorded 12.5 billion tons of ice has melted in 24 hours.