How E-Commerce 3.0 Gives Small Businesses a Competitive Edge in Finding and Retaining Top-Quality Employees

The global pandemic has created a shortage of human resources, resulting in more competitive hiring practices, with businesses offering higher wages and a more positive work environment to secure the best talent. Productivity and employee satisfaction can be hampered by…

Trends in Human Resources and The Workplace You Need to Know About

The trends of hybrid work, continued education, holistic employee well-being, and the gig economy are on-the-rise trends in contemporary HR functions. The human resource (HR) function of business organizations is steadily moving its positioning from being a cost-centre to becoming…

Pandemic Aftermath: Human Resources Evolution From Where It’s Been To Where It’s Going

he pandemic has brought forth an unprecedented unemployment crisis, consequently putting talent acquisition companies right at the center of all the chaos.

Slowdown Forces Firing — Ola Says Rightsizing

Despite narrowing losses and strong financials, Ola Cabs is undergoing significant restructuring which may include mass firing as part of the process.

HR Insight: GM CEO’s redundant theory that worked every time

Did you that the CEO and chairman of General Motors Marry Barra has been working at GM since she was just 18 and on her way to the top she also held the position of global head of HR. Marry…