Former Hulk Edward Norton To Be Invited Back Into The MCU?

Edward Norton hasn’t played the Hulk since 2008. But is some of Marvel’s current narrative experiments on ‘What If…?’ allowing him to reprise his role back as The Hulk? Keep reading to find out. ‘The Incredible Hulk’, starring Norton in…

Mark Ruffalo’s Presence Is Worthless In MCU

Unbeknownst to his fans or co-star, Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner felt extremely insecure about his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mark Ruffalo is one of the goofiest and most loveable actors who starred in the ‘Avengers’ films. Yet…

She-Hulk: What To Expect From The Next MCU Series

Looks like Marvel’s OG Hulk will not be the only green superhero. His cousin, Jennifer Walters will be joining the Cinematic Universe very soon. From what has escaped the cyber world, this brand-new TV series dished out by Marvel Studios…

DCEU Came Very Close To Beating MCU But Failed!

This is the real reason why DCEU can never beat MCU. The fight between fans of MCU and DCEU is never-ending. Where the DC comics have always stood out, DCEU was far away from even coming close to the Marvel…

Abomination Facing Wong In New Shang-Chi Trailer – Is Mephisto Involved

MCU will finally bring Mephisto and the Legion Accursed in the Shang-Chi Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings’ trailer that came out recently not only gave a better insight into what to expect from the movie in terms of…

Tom Hiddleston Never Wanted To Be Loki

In a recent interview, Tom Hiddleston, popularly known as Loki, didn’t even audition for the role of Loki. He didn’t want it! Around the globe, billions of hearts broke when Endgame ended with Tony Stark’s death. All seemed lost and…

Captain Marvel Takes On The OG Avengers: How Strong Is Carol Danvers?

Carol Danvers might not be the most powerful Avenger as yet, here are some who are stronger than Captain Marvel

Every Character She-Hulk Disney+ Series Can Bring To The MCU

The upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk may pave the way for the return and debut of many other Superheroes and teams through MCU crossovers.

Superman Returns: DC Orders Henry Cavill To Don The Red Cape Again

Back in May, Deadline reported that Henry Cavill was once again in talks with Warner Bros regarding the future of the red cape. Most of the buzz was due the announcement of the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. When Joss Whedon took the reins at DC, most of Snyder’s work had been shelved for some unknown reason and replaced with a lot more Whedon style CGI.

Robert Downey Jr Convinced Actors To Join MCU Until He Was Kicked Out

Marvel’s Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, convinced Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo to join the Avengers and sign an MCU contract before he was removed