NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Passes First Space Configuration Test

By successfully deploying the primary mirror of its James Webb Space Telescope, NASA is now a step closer in launching the world’s premier space science observatory.

Hubble Constant has got scientists up all night; not to get lucky

The Hubble Constant is the rate at which the universe is expanding. It first came to light when Edwin Hubble came up with the idea of a constant rate of expansion for the universe. In 1919, Harlow Shapley observed the…

Ancient invisible galaxies give a glimpse into BIG-BANG

A recently discovered cluster of previously unknown ancient galaxies may change universal laws.

Ever seen an exoplanet oozing heavy metals?

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was recently used to take the temperature of a far off exoplanet. What did they find? A planet oozing molten heavy metals. The planet named WASP-121b is the most extreme of planets that we humans have…