Huawei On Edge Hoping For Post-Trump Revival Of Fortunes

Chinese tech giant, Huawei’s hope for a comeback might look promising with Trump gone but Biden might follow his predecessor’s footsteps.

Mukesh Ambani’s 5G Ambitions With Jio Outweigh The Global Huawei Backlash

As India’s largest telecom operator, Jio’s entry into the 5G market was a given. Ambani even told visiting US President Trump in February that Jio would soon launch a 5G network that was completely free of Chinese components. No one could have guessed what was on his mind back then.

5G Circus: Ericsson and Nokia May Be The Biggest Beneficiaries Of UK’s Huawei Ban

With rising sentiments against China, the United Kingdom has banned its mobile service providers from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31st December this year. They have been instructed to phase out Chinese 5G kits by 2027 completely.

India’s Ban Of Chinese Apps Is Only A Small Step In Asserting Its Cyber Sovereignty

India’s ban of 56 Chinese apps heralds a new normal in Sino-Indian relations, one that will no longer be decoupling trade and politics. However, much needs to be done before the country can adequately firewall itself from the prying eyes of the Dragon in the fraught realm of cyberspace.

Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Samsung An Unlikely Beneficiary

Samsung slowly shifted its manufacturing operations to Vietnam from China. In the face of the Coronavirus calamity, the shift becomes one of it’s more prudent ones in recent times.

Beyond Huawei and TikTok, The US-China Tech Conflict Gets Deeper in 2020

The high-level diplomatic push from the US suggests scepticism about China and its expanding grip on the global tech landscape resulting in the ongoing tech conflict in 2020.

Huawei Sues FCC In Fight For Greater Share In US Market

Chinese tech giant Huawei on Thursday sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for unleashing new regulations that intend to choke the limited business that the company has left in the United States.

Huawei to launch world’s first dedicated chipset for ‘wearables’ in India

Huawei Kirin A1 comes with an advanced Bluetooth processing unit, a powerful audio processing unit, an ultra-low-power application processor and an independent power management unit, all within a mere 4.3mm*4.4mm.

Apple to launch trio of 5G iPhones in 2020

Apple is rumoured to be readying its first 5G iPhone for the next year and according to the latest Nikkei report, the modem for the upcoming model will be designed by Qualcomm.

Huawei Connect 2019: How inclusive innovation can empower the world?

“Digital inclusion means using digital technology to promote inclusive development and leaving no person, home, or organization behind.” During HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu gave a speech at the TECH4ALL Summit.