Covid-related Insurance: Why It’s Essential And Which Policy Should You Buy?

It may be cheaper to buy a health, life insurance cover now as an increase of 10-20 percent is expected. But which plan should you opt for, Corona Kavach or Corona Rakshak?

First Adults Now Children: India’s Third Covid-19 Wave Should Worry The World

Amid people’s reproval of Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis in the country, Govt’s Top Scientific Advisor warns India should brace for impact as the Third Wave is “Inevitable”.

When Will India’s Oxygen Horror Show End?

A lethal second wave and an acute shortage in the supply of medical oxygen have brought India on its knees in its fight against Coronavirus. What can the country do to resolve it at the earliest, and why did India fail to predict this huge crisis?

India’s Vaccine Shortage Isn’t Just Simple Math Gone Wrong

The “pharma of the world” – India faces vaccine shortages as Covid-19 cases peak at 400,00 in a day. Opp slams Centre for lack of preparedness and washing its hands off accountability.

“Grab & Run” — What’s Causing India’s Tragic Oxygen Shortage

At more than 7,000 tonnes a day, the country is producing enough oxygen to meet the treatment needs of severely ill Indians. Yet Covid-19 has broken across class barriers – forcing Indians to beg, borrow or steal a few oxygen cylinders to save a loved one gasping for breath, dying an unfair death.

WB doctors urge ‘adequate security’ at every hospital

In the wake of the ongoing strike by the Junior Doctors at NRS Medical college and hospital, members of Joint Platform of Doctors, West Bengal

Cognate floats unique concept of preventive health care

Cognate Health Services – Committed towards preventive health care in India Cognate Health Services is voluntarily providing multiple health care services with a unique concept of enabling preventive health care services accessible and affordable for everyone. The company is effectively…

M&A deals in hospital sector jump by 155 pc in FY 19: ICRA

M&A deals in hospital sector jump by 155 pc in FY 19: ICRA The total value of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions in the hospital sector totalled Rs 7,615 crore in 2018-19 as against Rs 2,991 crore done in the…

Govt hospital accused for transfusing HIV positive blood to child

Parents of a two-year-old baby have alleged that HIV positive blood was transfused into her at a government hospital in Tamil Nadu. According to the parents’ accusation, the infected blood was transfused into the baby while she was being treated…

Apollo Hospital petition rejected in Jayalalithaa’s death case

Jayalalithaa Death: Court rejects Apollo’s petition seeking stay on probe panel’s proceedings. Madras High Court on Monday rejected a petition filed by Apollo hospital seeking a stay on the Justice Arumughaswamy Commission’s proceedings until a medical board is formed in…