David Harbour’s Girlfriend Lily Allen Regrets Missing The Golden Opportunity Of Her Life

David Harbour’s girlfriend Lily Allen has claimed she was approached in an American Horror story but forgot to follow it up. Is this Lily

Hopper Ditches Stranger Things Kids To Join Money Heist Gang

In the strangest twist ever, the new baldy Hopper ditches Stranger Things’ kids to crossover Money Heist gang. Netflix is set to pull the strangest twist by hosting Hopper crossover on Money Heist season 5. But, what will Hopper do…

Jim Hopper Is Alive But Only To Die In Season 4 Of Stranger Things

Jim Hopper to Die in Stranger Things 4. Yes, after returning from dead in Stranger Things, Jim Hopper will die again in Stranger Things 4…

Stranger Things To End – Jim Hopper To Continue With A Spin-Off

Stranger Things Spinoff with Jim Hopper as the central character. Netflix is planning to have a Stranger Things Spin-off with Jim Hopper…

Breaking! This Character In Stranger Things Already Knew Hopper Is Alive

Mike truth Hopper alive Stranger Things 4. Mike knew the truth of Hopper being alive in Stranger Things 4. Yes, no one else but Mike…

After Hopper, Billy Is All Set To Return In Stranger Things 4.

Billy to return in Stranger Things 4. Yes, after Hopper’s return, theories suggest that Billy too is going to return in Stranger Things 4…

Yes, Hopper From Stranger Things Is Secretly Married

Amidst coronavirus, celebrities have self-quarantined. Stranger Things’ Hopper, David Harbour, revealed that he is secretly married.

Hopper Is Just Messing Around, Stranger Things Season 4 Never Had A Release Date

David Harbour (Stranger Things’ Hopper) talked to his followers in Q&A about the show…did he really know the season 4 release date?

Duffer Brothers Are Secretly Prepping Stranger Things To Merge Into Marvel

The Duffer Brothers are secretly planning to merge Stranger Things into Marvel after season 4 or 5.. here are all the signs which prove…

David Harbour Is Just Kidding, Hopper Will Be Red Guardian

Hopper, a grumpy but fan favourite cop in the Netflix Series Stranger Things which is set to return for a Season 4 is also a Russian superhero, Red Guardian in the upcoming Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.