Keanu Reeves — The Sex God Who Doesn’t Like Sex

Keanu Reeves is a sex god. Period!! It’s his good boy image in real life and badass persona in movies that makes for a killer cocktail and millions of women go week on their knees. Keanu Reeves – the ultimate…

Confirmed! Hangover 4 Will Happen

A mix of comedy with realistic scenes and punchlines, as well as the traits of the characters’ personalities are all accountable for the fans’ commotion around ‘The Hangover 4’. The adventures and misadventures of Doug, Alan, Phil, Stu, and Mr…

What If The Iconic Action Film The Expendables Gets Made In Bollywood

Bollywood has given us many action-packed films in the recent years. However, we still can’t compare Hollywood’s action to that of Bollywood.

Vulture Confirms Sony’s Morbius, Venom to be Sinister Six

Vulture’s presence in the recent Morbius trailer confirms that the Sinister Six is happening in the Sony Marvel Universe Fans are too excited to see Vulture in the recently launched Morbius trailer by Sony’s Marvel Universe. Last time we saw…

Valve Confirms Release Date For DOTA 2 Movie

It’s official, after months of waiting, Valve has finally announced the date for the much-anticipated release of the DOTA 2 movie True Sight: The International 2019. And it’s happening soon!

Morbius: What To Expect From Sony’s Marvel Universe

Superhero fans have seen and digested the new Morbius trailer that recently dropped in. The second movie in Sony’s Marvel Universe blew fan’s mind with a spiderman sign appearing in the trailer, setting the movie in actual Marvel Cinematic Universe.…

The Sexcapades Have Begun Again. Say Hi To Sex And The City 3

A heady mix of chaos, controversies, betrayal, love, and loss, will Sex and the City 3 knit the squad even tighter or will it break them? Well, while you were busy binging on those delectable cupcakes from Magnolia, the third…

Imtiaz Ali’s Next Movie Based On Joker Starring Ranbir Kapoor

if Joker had an Indian remake, our guess is that Ranbir Kapoor would make for a perfect ‘Joker’ meanwhile, Imtiaz would aptly fit as its

NSFW alert! Hottest Hollywood Sex Scenes to spice up your weekend

Perfect lighting spiced up with the sexiest lingerie; best sex scenes in Hollywood movies never fail expectations. Here’s a list of the best

Hollywood’s 5 Hottest On-Screen Girl on Girl Kisses

A hot on-screen girl on girl kiss can be sensual, dazzling and sometimes sloppy. We handpicked some of the best on-screen girl on girl kisses you would not be able to resist. While many parts of the world are still…