Truth! Tom Cruise Never Wanted Top Gun Maverick To Happen

Tom Cruise rejected Top Gun Maverick. Yes, Tom Cruise who played Maverick in the original Top Gun never wanted to make a Top Gun sequel…

How China uses Hollywood as an Overseas Propaganda Machine

China has significantly ramped up its investments in US Cinema and Media and Hollywood has done the same in the Chinese market. But both have totally different intentions and aims from the growing affinity.

(Updated): Does Denzel Washington’s Dark Past make him the perfect MAGNETO?

With the X-Men franchise once again failing to rise from the ashes of a Phoenix-heavy final movie, a reboot is now on the cards. And with any re-imagining of a franchise, change is sure to come. Peter Parker can tell…

Jeff Epstein Disaster – A Potential Hollywood Blockbuster

Jeff Epstein’s alleged suicide by hanging in police custody after horrific revelations are nothing short of a thrilling movie script, but what we’ve seen till now is just the intermission.