Study shows nudging heart patients to take statins leads to better outcomes

In a recent study it has been found that statins that is an effective medication for treating patients with heart disease is consumed by only six per cent. The study was discussed in the meeting, ‘2019 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.’

Daytime napping lowers risk of heart attack, finds study

Taking a nap during daytime can not only refresh you but also lower the risk of heart attack or stroke if taken once or twice in a week, found a new study. The impact of napping on heart health has been hotly contested since many of the published studies on the topic have failed to consider napping frequency

Obesity, Heart Ailments, and Cancer: Final Fate of India’s Millennial Workforce?

As India Inc. enters the next stage of growth, the young Indian millennials fuelling it are risking their life with health issues in a highly competitive environment filled with stress and long working hours.

Spanish legend Casillas survives heart attack but might not play again

Iker Casillas, the Porto Spanish goalkeeper suffers a heart attack Porto’s Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas is in medical clinic subsequent to enduring a heart assault at the club’s instructional hub. Iker Casillas endured an intense myocardial dead tissue amid morning…

Excessive use of antibiotics can lead to cardiovascular issues in women

Prolong antibiotic consumption linked to greater risk of cardiovascular disease in women A recent study claims that women aged 60 or more, who take antibiotics for two or more months stay at higher risk of heart attack or stroke. The…