Exercising in pregnancy restores key tissues, betters health

Exercising does carry a number of benefits and a new study in this regard has found that working out immediately, prior to and during pregnancy restores key tissues, thus, making them better in managing blood sugar levels and decreasing risk of long term health problems.

10 Signs Your IUD is Moving!

The symptoms of a shifting IUD aren’t always easy to identify. But if you suspect that your IUD is moving, here are a few signs from the experts

India spends ₹ 3 per person per day on Healthcare. Is that enough?

A new India under able and charismatic leadership, is aspiring to be a superpower across the spectrum. But in healthcare, its worse than third world countries.

Industry backs government’s scheme on improving quality of medical procedures

Medical Technology Association of India, which represents leading research-based medical technology companies with significant investments in India, today said that the government’s move to set up specialist committees to review package rates for more than 1300 health procedures under AB-PMJAY gives a chance to correct the currently low and unviable rates for several procedures.

dClinic, bringing revolutionary dedicated healthcare block-chain to Indian healthcare

dClinic is the first healthcare company to operate Vitality clinics on a dedicated Public Healthcare Block-chain (“PHB”).

Vanessa Hudgens’ Diet secret – Pizzasss…!

As trendy as she is, Vanessa is all about that sparkle and style. She makes sure everything around her is in the latest trend, and this counts her diet too – intermittent fasting and keto.

Kate Hudson’s secret weight loss weapon

Weight loss and dieting, the ideal combination that never goes right with a foodie, let alone hitting goals for a week. While, Kate Hudson here, sets a goal to lose 25 kgs. (And I’m still struggling to avoid cupcakes just for a day)

12 Celebrities with serious illnesses

These celebrities have given us great movies, entertainment, and gossips that we could never get done with. But, what we admire the most is their fighting spirit and their ever so strong morale to keep them going.

10 Hollywood celebrities who openly spoke about undergoing an abortion

With the abortion still being the bone of contention in many countries, the outcry by pro-abortion activist is catching up the fire everywhere. And the ladies of Hollywood aren’t going to get behind. Utilizing their platforms and voices, these 10…

Analjit Singh-led Max India to exit healthcare; in search of new horizons

With multiple businesses under its umbrella, Max India is selling its hospitals and health insurance subsidiaries and gearing up to explore fresh avenues.