Eclat Health on an expansion spree

Announces plans to add another 1400 employees in 18 months at existing centers at Karimnagar and Hyderabad and also at two new canters it plans to start at, Warangal, Khammam Karthik Polsani, Group CEO, and others met KT Rama Rao…

Why Women Must Say ‘NO’ to Breast Implants NOW?

This is my telltale how I finally lifted the weight off my chest. (Quite literally) I still remember the day I got my breast implants – which I was sure were the solution to all the problems in my life.…

The most painful health conditions in the world

NHS has released a list of most painful health conditions, in no particular order. These begin at cluster headaches and go up to Heart Attacks.

10 Signs Your IUD is Moving!

The symptoms of a shifting IUD aren’t always easy to identify. But if you suspect that your IUD is moving, here are a few signs from the experts

Kate Hudson’s secret weight loss weapon

Weight loss and dieting, the ideal combination that never goes right with a foodie, let alone hitting goals for a week. While, Kate Hudson here, sets a goal to lose 25 kgs. (And I’m still struggling to avoid cupcakes just for a day)

‘Moon Milk’ the pretty wellness trend to help you sleep

Remember? In our childhood, our moms used to give a cup of warm milk before bed to help you sleep. Well, turns out that drink has gotten an upgrade – one that’s incredibly trendy and “Instagram-able.” It’s called moon milk.

12 Celebrities with serious illnesses

These celebrities have given us great movies, entertainment, and gossips that we could never get done with. But, what we admire the most is their fighting spirit and their ever so strong morale to keep them going.

Detox is nothing but Bull**** !

Is there any science or cultural wisdom to Detoxification? Detoxification as believed is a type of therapy to remove damaging toxins from the body. No doubt, the industrial age has added lots of chemicals to our environment and our diet,…