5 Future DC Projects (Confirmed & Rumoured) That Features Ben Affleck’s Batman

Ben Affleck or Batfleck is back to DC and is set to reprise his Batman for various upcoming WB movies and shows The resurrection of Zack Snyder’s Justice League has opened the Pandora box of fan demands. And Warner Bros…

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Ben Affleck’s Batman Set To Join The Dots Between Snyder-verse, DC Movies And Television via HBO Max spinoff series

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DC has announced a live-action Green Lantern series for HBO Max with multiple lanterns set in different timelines and galaxies.

James Gunn Breaks Peace With Guardians Of The Galaxy For Peacemaker

Fans are once again afraid that MCU’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3’ might get delayed as James Gunn announces ‘Peacemaker’ for HBO Max. James Gunn, known for his vibrant portrayal of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film series in MCU,…

Inside Netflix’s $17.3 Billion Plan To Outdistance Disney+ And HBO Max In 2021

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Lovecraft Country Is An Unsatisfying Jumble Of Metaphors, Tones And Genres

Lovecraft Country review — for all its profound depictions of the ache of segregation, the show falters in its efforts to use horror and the supernatural as metaphors for racism and oppression. Episode 5 has just aired.

Warner Bros Aims To Bury Controversies Under DC FanDome Finery

Warner Bros with its scandals — from Ezra Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Fisher to WarnerMedia’s restructuring — is in the eye of a brewing storm The stars aren’t shining so bright for Warner Bros. While Robert Pattinson’s contracting COVID right…